Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gay Marriage

From a public relations standpoint, the conclusion seems clear that Prop. 8 passed only because of two things. The yes crowd used a lot of money to spread fear and lies. The no team simply did not conduct a good campaign. It ran what many observers say was an old, conservative campaign. No emotional rage was sparked through viral messages and calls to action. Now, there is.

While I was extremely proud to the point of tears that my country was able to elect an African American as president, I was in equal amounts shamed by what my state did to ban gay marriage. We came so far on one issue, retreated so far on another.

I have followed Keith Olbermann since he was a two-bit TV sports reporter in Los Angeles. But, like many sports writers I know, he has a gift. And, he delivered in this commentary on Prop 8

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