Monday, December 29, 2008

Politics and nuances

Is the product of a 24-hour news cycle that we are still subjected to pointless stories about how Caroline Kennedy speaks and our president-elect's body? Really. CNN had "expert strategists" from the Dems and GOP focus their comments, their wisdom on whether Caroline should be the next U.S. Senator from New York based almost entirely on her "you know" frequency. Come on.

There is, at least, some redeeming byproducts of Obama's swimsuit edition photos - the TV news reporters noticed his body getting healthier. And, as the fitness instructor observed in obligatory fashion during a TV interview today, if our incoming prez has time to work out, so do we.

Or, do we?

If I had picked my cabinet before Internet Monday, sent worker bees out to answer questions about the Ill. gov., etc., I guess I would have an hour a day to train - for free in a gym that is more than happy to have its name plastered on national news because I was inside.

Reality check. No. Instead, we are working our butts off to beat back the recession, making sure our kids are stable in an increasingly complex world, wondering how we are going to make the mortgage payment, and looking at the rising expense of caring for our extremely old parents.... Gym time? When?

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