Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is is really bad right now?

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How bad is the economy hitting the Southern California public relations industry? I hear mixed stories. Many colleagues report they have laid off staff or have a hiring freeze in place, saying clients have either left or pulled back.

Independent practitioners seem to be doing well and some say they see an uptick in business.

So, what is really happening? Has optimism from the stimulus package begun to take hold? Or, do the numbers tell us that it will take a while to really right the ship? Are clients doing what we fear - eliminating what they few as "fringe" expenses (public relations services).

Please respond with as much as you like to share with me. I promise to keep information confidential. I am not looking for specifics, or even numbers - just general trends. Most importantly, I want to hear about:
  • Any projections for the remainder of the year
  • What your clients are telling you
  • How you are counseling clients to maintain their accounts with you because public relations is a critical business function in a down economy
  • Are you picking up work that once belonged to a larger agency?
As professionals, we must rely upon one another in good times. Now, in these tough times, it will be important to truly support each other and network. There are far too many stories that from tough economic times emerge new companies, new ideas and new energies.

Over the course of 2009, I hope to use this blog to assist others in our profession, provide hope and facilitate networking. Your participation will be critical.

There are two ways to respond. The "public" way in the comments box, or send me a confidential email to:

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