Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael was a great show

True to some of the features that Michael Jackson held - being a showman and knowing how to create the next big thing to capture our attention - Hollywood was a bizarre scene on the day of his death Thursday.

I was there for a meeting, but could have easily had been drawn there to pay respects. As the sun was setting outside the Chinese Theater, Hollywood Boulevard was blocked for the premier of Bruno. Sasha Cohen's entrance, on a silver tank with scantly clad women marching behind him, probably would have garnered a nod of approval from MJ.

But, the premier blocked MJ's memory. The lights, barricades and stages meant no one could get to MJ's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not for several hours.

I'm curious to know whether Cohen's team thought about cancelling the premier or at least getting the stage and lights removed quicker so fans could be at MJ's star?

More scenes from Hollywood that night: street musicians quickly adapted and began playing MJ songs on saxophone or guitar. Hawkers raised framed photos of MJ. All of this began unfolding within a few hours of his death. It was interesting to see the look on everyone's faces. Not all the tourists understood what was going on around them - they had not heard of his death yet. They soon figured it out and were in disbelief.

More bizarre scenes: Once I figured MJ's star would be blocked for a while, I went to my car. A woman with a small pet dog had somehow got the dog stuck on the parking lot escalator at the Hollywood and Highlands complex. The poor woman was desparately holding her dog, trying to get the stuck leg out, while a team of security guards simply looked on. It held up pedestrian traffic for a while and created a huge crowd of onlookers. Did not stick around long enough to see if the dog was rescued without harm.

So, I went home and played MJ music all the way. Sad. Sad. Sad.

The passing of Michael Jackson means there will be a very long gap until the world sees another superstar musician/entertainer who brought the world together like he did.

And, we will start living with comparisons. If the questions about drugs (painkillers) are true, it could remind us of Belushi's and Elvis' deaths.

Too soon, Michael.

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