Friday, April 30, 2010

Western expertise

Amazing statistics and case studies, expert insights, and, of course, networking.

You missed it in Palm Springs, where we just concluded the PRSA Western District Conference. Perhaps one of best short-term, cost-effective conferences for professionals. We had everything for everyone, no matter your experience level.

More to come with some postings on the site.

Perhaps the most fun we had was midday Thursday, as we were starting the media panel (with Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and Wired). Evan Hanson, the editor of, was telling me that they were about to break the story about the dude who found Apple's prototype iPhone and sold it to a tech web site.

The lost iPhone4 story was one of the biggest out there the last week. And, now, in the middle of a PR conference, the crowd had the benefit of witnessing breaking news. Wired had conducted good 'ol fashioned investigative journalism and found the mysterious person who found the lost phone. We got this story first.

OK. Perhaps not every conference will have scoops break before our eyes. But I've been going to these for a decade now and I've never been disappointed. Mark your calendars for next April in Las Vegas.

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