Monday, June 28, 2010

Best LA PR pay for it

What price for education?

I've heard a few comments about non-member price for the PRSA/Los Angeles July 13 event.

So, let's do the drill. What else would you fork over $75 and what is the return?

A nice dinner and bottle of wine. Sure. That's in the "relaxing" or "I deserve this" category. Or, "It's been a while since I got out of the house with my husband/wife/partner" justification. If you are lucky, you get two hours of being away from the kids and "America's Got Talent."

That comes out to $37.50 an hour.

The July 13 event the Millennium Biltmore will come out to $25 an hour, if you show up at the start of reception and stay till the end.

What price for networking?

The July 13 event will be one of the biggest gatherings of public relations, public affairs and public information officers in Southern California. We're expecting 300.

In Los Angeles, it would take you at least six months of driving, phone calls and other events to connect with all the folks you'll see in one setting. Let's say you spend 2 hours a week driving to and attending social functions and chatting with colleagues (online counts). That's probably 52 hours in six months. Calculate your hourly rate...starting now.

Treat your client.

A consistent theme for successful client relationships is to "give back." My dad had Dodger season tickets and used them extensively to treat his clients. The results were obvious. Clients stuck with him for a long time because the felt they had a relationship with my father's business, rather than one focused on billings.

Good seats at Dodger stadium are $75, and you still must pay for parking and food. And while it's a nice little one-on-one time with a client, the "education" element is not there. Really, how do you translate a routine fly ball into a tangible communications lesson?!

A relationship builder is July 13, where presidential politics and behind-the-scenes maneuvering is told in stunning detail. I'm going to remember this one better than how many times Manny reached base safely.

It's all about the value, the opportunity and the education.

When you consider the return on this investment (client happiness and a learning experience), the fewer times you will be on our freeways (to meet a colleague) and a very nice setting, the price is not an obstacle.

Seriously, what else are you going to do with that $75? And, get some exclusive, hopefully educational, information.

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