Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Firing off a volley?

Missile mystery, Part Two. Is our government hiding something or what?

Where are the hard questions from the news orgs?

OK, since my previous post, a few more news orgs and bloggers are picking up the story. But, so far, my disappointment in the news continues. Where is the good journalism? Where are the hard questions?

Here are the questions and pursuits I'd be taking.

Pentagon says "they don't know" whose missile it is. Well, then, did our detection systems catch this launch? Did our jets scramble? Did NORAD pick this up on their radar last night? They can spot a launch anywhere in the world.

If our jets didn't scramble and the alarms didn't go off, then what does that mean? Either it tells me that the military really does know, this missile launch never happened (KCBS? Any explanation?) or some other explanation. I'd hate to think this launch was not detected, because that means my fears from the Cold War days are finally realized - anyone can launch a missile off our coast and take us out before we can say "Hunt for Red October."

Look at the carefully worded statements from NORAD. Not a complete denial.

What about Congress? Has anyone checked with our reps with oversight in defense?

Again, where is the aggressive news reporting to help us understand what the heck is going on?

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