Sunday, February 6, 2011

A tireless business advocate

Sad news to hear about the passing of Lee Harrington. Lee was a former client when he led the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

Reports say he died while surfing near his home in Hollister. He was 64. Some nice words here from his successor.

Lee was one of the more focused business leaders I've met. He always had the bigger picture in mind, didn't suffer fools lightly and was looking at least two steps ahead of the rest of us. He did not contain his opinions when it mattered, which usually occurred when he needed to get leaders to move off a position to reach the best solution for the greatest benefit for the broadest audience. He was extremely well connected and in the difficult and thankless world of business and public policy, he was one of the rare ones to have leaders drop their party affiliations to realize what was really best for CA.

He also was an practical optimist, and let his smile and warm personality carry the day in the toughest of times.

After he left the LAEDC, he remained deeply focused on making Los Angeles and Southern California a better place for business - by leading the Southern California Leadership Council. While this org is focused on bringing big names together, he also made sure budding leaders were exposed to these "insider" meetings to see how it was done.

Lee, we'll miss you.

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