Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Start your campaign engines

California public relations and public affairs firms which have done well in the past with high-profile state issue campaigns shouldn't be worried in 2012, and beyond.

Today, Gov. Brown reaffirmed his support for both the state's very expensive high-speed rail project (that will be completed when my grandchildren have grandchildren), and a $12 billion bond measure to upgrade the state's aging water system.

For now, it seems the state water bond will make it to the November ballot, although the dollar amount may shrink. In previous state water bonds, several PR, PA and advertising firms have received handsome amounts to help convince voters to check "yes." Somehow, somewhere the forces come together to rustle up enough cash to pay for these expensive campaigns.

The gov's support for high-speed rail may prompt a renewed effort to seek outside help for outreach after the rail authority pulled back on an RFP and announced it would hire more staff to do the job in-house. We'll see. What do you think, Ogilvy?

More good news: The economy is definitely picking up. More RFPs are going out and companies are turning more to PR for help, primarily because PR has assumed a leadership position in social media. Anyone with transportation experience should look at the RFP issued by the folks who run Southern California's massive Metrolink system. (If the link doesn't work, sign up for "planetbids."

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