Saturday, May 11, 2013

Public Relations Strategists Key To Social Media

Public Relations is often described as the practice of building beneficial relationships. 

Obviously, much goes into the development and execution of a good PR plan to build relationships that reward your company or client.  The results of experience, expertise and more can be huge.

Look at "Scandal" - the "must-tweet" television series. 

The Los Angeles Times writes about how Twitter plays an integral part in the success of a show that opened to a modest reception.

The show's producer and its cast have realized the benefits of using this powerful PR tool - in the right way.

There are many unsuccessful Twitter campaigns.  Why?

  • Lack of a sound strategy
  • No clear understanding of your audience
  • Unable to be authentic
These are all basic principles of building positive relationships - developed and implemented through experienced public relations professionals.  

Even if a PR pro did not have his or her hands on the wheel on this one, we're willing to accept the thanks for building the foundation.

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