Friday, August 9, 2013

Link this Google

The buzz about Google's new policy (actually reads more like a clarification) regarding links in news releases is, well, getting some buzz.

One columnist went as far as to suggest the new policy meant the death of PR agencies.  Nice headline grabbing there.

Fortunately, there are always solutions...and smart PR people.  As long-term PR pros know, changes in Google policy do not prevent us from doing our jobs and employing the range of tactics and strategies we are now using and the new ones we'll develop to work around any obstacle.

For those who live and die by search results, I would suggest daily readings at Several useful tips here.  They were the ones that apparently "broke" the news about the Google changes. 

Our friends at Business Wire were quick to provide solutions. Make sure you read this.

 And, I have four links in this blog post. Any one's guess as to how Google will treat them.

Keep calm and carry on.

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