Thursday, April 16, 2009

When will they learn?

As if we didn't need more reasons, the recent Domino's and Amazon screw ups are continuing proof that many corporate CEOs and COOs have not elevated their in-house public relations pros far enough in their rankings and executive strategy sessions.

Or, they simply haven't heard how a social media effort can drive a stock price down quickly.

Is someone, please, preparing an article for INC. magazine or Fortune or Forbes or The Wall Street Journal to offer a little reminder to our corporate executives about the importance of public relations in the c-suite? Note: make that someone who is a PR professional? I'm not pleased by how many advertising types are getting their stories and blogs on this topic published and repurposed.

Anyone up for a little social media training? My friends Eric Schwartzman and Sally Falkow, plus the seemingly almost monthly training sessions on PRSA, are all available in case you need some nuts and bolts understanding.

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