Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, The Week

The national and international public relations scenes are busy. Pros are scrambling more and morewith crisis projects than product announcements. From tainted eggs, to a tainted cyclist, to the economy to reviving off-shore drilling to international work, like helping a company with a rash of suicides.

This sort of work is a blessing because of so many projects being shelved.

In California, the world seems to revolve around electronics (all things Silicon Valley), energy, politics, unemployment and going back to the school. Look behind the headlines and you'll find teams of PR pros hard at work on these subjects.

The biggest story in the works is the economy. Look for a rash of stories being developed and pursued this week and next about back-to-school sales as any sign of hope for our economy. Followed by news of layoffs and store closings. Message points are being crafted now to demonstrate the strength of chain retailers - in spite of the gloom. Can Christmas be saved as the ships begin to land in the LA and Long Beach harbors with goods from China?

Meanwhile, PR pros are doing their best to keep the "home energy" story in the news. Somewhere, there is a belief that consumers have the ability to buy or install more efficient devices. What? Not throw away my money on an iPad or new cell phone?! Watch for unique campaigns in the coming weeks to convince consumers to buy energy efficient washers, refrigerators and similar consumer goods. What? You haven't noticed these items being pushed into the main aisles at Lowe's and Home Depot?

Cities, businesses and utilities are required to buy more "green" energy. As the City of Los Angeles scrambles for cash to develop more wind and solar projects it will own, it will be forced to rely on buying green power from existing sources. Case in point is today's announcement about a nearly half-billion-dollar debt sale to "pre-purchase" wind energy from ...Washington. What happened to all the wind farms and solar projects in the Southern California desert?

Mid-term elections are keeping many communicators busy across the country. In CA, the final push begins for the multiple ballot measures and our two big races - Governor and Senator. Public affairs pros are putting the final touches to the annual post-Labor Day surge. Get out your goggles and rain coats, the mudslinging will reach hurricane strength.

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