Monday, August 16, 2010

A good person

One hopes the memories don't fade quickly.

A capacity crowd jammed the chapel at Forest Lawn in Glendale last Friday (Aug. 13) to pay their final respects to Lynne Doll, the president and partner of The Rogers Group.

Aside from the shock of her early passing - she was only 48 - it became clear to the audience that Lynne had "left her hand print on the hearts of everyone she met" (as one speaker noted).

Aside from her incredible achievements as a public relations executive, it became clear that Lynne was a dedicated and loving mother and wife, sister, daughter and more. As I and others know by being within her presence over the years, Lynne made everyone feel special, like you were a good friend, your suggestions and ideas were to be treated with respect and dignity and the time to live is for today.

It became very clear that Lynne packed two normal lives into one. She just had that much drive and zest for life. And, for that, there was a large turnout.

As many of us commented afterward, the mark of a good life is how many people turn out at your funeral. Hers was an envious one for all the right reasons.

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