Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Millennials Matter to PR

A recent article in The Atlantic provided some very revealing and potentially upsetting trends regarding Millennials and their contributions to our economy.

For PR professionals, understanding these trends and dynamics are critical.

One thing we all know and is obviously pointed out in this article - mobile is the most effective, if not the ONLY way to reach this audience.

Decisions, actions and conversations all occur in the device in someone's palm.

But consider other key trends in this article.

Experts said Millennials are more likely to "visit" friends online, rather than travel. (Hence, why there is less need for a car).

In addition to the obvious and stated impacts on automakers, a lack of casual travelling by automobile means:

  • Less stops at a gas station, which means fewer opportunities to use these locations as marketing tools.  "GasTV" infomercials at the pump should focus on older populations. When a "road trip" was involved for the prior generation, the first stop was for gas and supplies at the same location.  Gas station owners will now need to find how to compete against the convenient and trendy wine store down the street and in closer walking distance to the restaurants and residence in a city's core. A higher percentage of gas stations are deliberately set far from retail and restaurant centers.
  • The same for highway billboards. Unless, however, a billboard campaign is aimed at a social cause and then all you need to do is post a hashtag on that space and be done with it.
  • Mobile driving apps. Google and Waze are basic tools to navigate from Point A to Point B, but any other app that tries to give you on-the-go voice updates for your email, text messages, etc. may not be useful.  Besides, Millennials only respond to text messages. They are not answering voice mail.
  • Changing from "overnight" opportunity at a nearby staycation destination to a "day trip" mode is probably in order. Solution: Incentivize these kind of trips with carpools sponsored by Zipcars.
Let's keep monitoring this generation.  Adaptation is key to surviving this new PR jungle.

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