Saturday, June 8, 2019

We're back

It doesn't seem that long, but we've been regrettably absent with posts. 

We're back. And, we hope, with relevant notes, updates, news items and more that advance the discussion of public relations in Los Angeles and the rest of California

First step in this resurgence: We are reaching out to our #PR comrades to make this site exciting.

How so? 

We want this site to post the comings and goings, the new hires, the promotions, the transitions, the openings and other inside information among our local agencies, organizations, etc. 

Not a gossip site. We're not interested in dirty laundry.  Well, not most of it. 

But, we all hear things that are important to our profession. Some of it official, most of it not.

Given there are thousands of us working in very dynamic, demanding jobs - we owe it to ourselves to have some "virtual networking" and insider information.  This has worked in other regions of the country, now it's our turn. 

We'll do our best to verify what you send us.  We may make a mistake or two - but will correct it as soon as humanly possible. 

Ultimately, we want this space to be beneficial.  A resource.  A place to share news, highlight trends, and more.

Talk to you soon. 

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